Wednesday, July 9, 2014

WIPs Wednesday 7/9/14

I've been spinning so much this week so I only have a bit of a WIP to share this week.  One of the class prompts for the House Cup this month is to make something that brings you back to the reason you began crafting.  

My mother taught me how to knit almost 10 years ago.  She has been knitting all of my life (and then some).  I remember the clicking of her needles as a small child and how relaxing it sounded.  In 2004, my oldest brother passed away unexpectedly.  I was devastated.  I isolated myself from everyone, the only social interaction I had was in online video games and talking to family.  His fiancee had started knitting to calm her nerves so I asked my mom if she could teach me how to knit, too.  The first time I picked up the needles, I was so frustrated.  I didn't think it would ever click.  Finally, after a dozen or so tries, it did.  I made a bright garter stitch scarf out of Red Heart.  It was short, it was scratchy, and I loved it.  I absorbed myself in my knitting to deal with the pain.  After awhile, I met my now ex husband.  I still knit, but not regularly.  When we separated, I picked the needles back up and haven't set them down since.  Wherever I go, my knitting goes with me.  

Since the 10 year anniversary is coming up in September, I wanted to do something for my mom as a thank you and also something that could help comfort her.  I am making her 198 yds of Heaven out of the special Malabrigo Rios that Jen brought back for me from New Orleans.   It's soft, cozy and I hope it makes her feel better.

198 Yds of Heaven in Malabrigo Rios 
First off I want to give Jess a big hug right now. I love that the yarn I gave her is going to such a special project.  I have two projects currently on the needles. Lately I have been busy with packing and getting things ready for the move.  My crafting time has mostly been spent spinning for the Tour de Fleece.  I need to finish my OWL in time to turn it in so I worked on it a few nights ago while watching a movie with the hubby.  Last time I shared the scarf I had 35 finished stripes.  Now I have 42! Not only is this an awesome amount of stripes (it is the ANSWER after all), but it also means that I am getting closer to finishing it.  Just 11 stripes to go!  
It was hard to find a way to show all of the stripes!  The other WIP on my needles is a pair of socks that I cast on.  This will be my 8th pair for the year, and is another Christmas present.  I have knit this pattern twice before, it is the Jeck, pattern by Regina Satta.  I love that the combination of purl and slip stitches adds so much character to the sock.  
Jeck - Plymouth Yarn Happy Feet
Sorry about the bad pictures, my old laptop died and with it my photo program that I prefer to use so I am going to have to find something else to use on the new laptop.  

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