Sunday, July 13, 2014

Spunday TdF Edition 7/13/14

How is everyone doing for Tour de Fleece?  This week was a challenge for me.  There was a night where I didn't get to spin much and 2 days that I didn't spin at all.  I am still on my first single, but almost at the end.

Shadawyn Fiber Arts Merino Silk 80/20 Severus Snape
I am really enjoying this blend and would definitely like to spin more of it after I am done with this braid.

So I finished up the braid that I started with this Tour de Fleece, the Into the Whirled Polwarth. It is still on the niddy noddy and I don't have a pic of that, but here is the plied yarn on the bobbin.

I ended up with 522 yards in a light fingering to fingering weight yarn! That is by far the most yardage I have ever gotten from one braid. This braid was 4.3 ounces to start so that helped. I was able to spin it so thinly. I am eager to knit up a big shawl with this braid.

I also spun up and plied my punis that I got at Maryland Sheep and Wool this year.  
Punis are very different to spin up then braids, but I enjoyed it. It was interesting to spin up so many different fibers at once too.  The punis totalled about 1 ounce, so I ended up with 62 yards of a DK to Worsted weight yarn.

Lastly, I started spinning up a braid that Jess gave me for my birthday.  It is Knitting Knorth 100% BFL in blues and purples. I split this braid into 3 pieces and am going to attempt a traditional three ply, which I have never done before.  Here is the first bobbin

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