Sunday, July 6, 2014

Spunday 7/6/14 TdF Edition

Yesterday was the start of Tour de Fleece and everyone is off to a great start!  I am loving seeing everyone's photos on Instagram and in our group.  Keep it up!  

I had a busy start to my day yesterday so I didn't make much progress on Day 1.  I definitely made up for it today!  I spun for a couple of hours and am almost half done with my first single.  I am so pleased with how I am able to control the colors while spinning.  The fiber I'm working with is soft and real easy to spin.  I'm staying consistent and the yarn is pretty thin.  I am hoping by the end of this I will have enough to make a shawl.  The only issue I am finding is the black dye keeps rubbing off onto my fingers.  At first I thought it was from the heat and my hands since I was spinning outside at the time.  Later, after being in the central air and my hands were no longer sweaty, it was still staining them.  Now the dye from my fingers is staining the shaft of my spindle.  I just hope that most of the color stays after it's bath.  

Shadawyn Fiber Arts Merino Silk 80/20-Severus Snape
Yesterday I was really productive with my spinning.  I just got going, and it was so hard to stop. I managed to spin half a braid yesterday!  
Into the Whirled - 100% Polwarth "Godswood"
I bought  this fiber at Maryland Sheep and Wool this year so it is nice that I am already spinning it up.  The colors range from a light blue, to a deep green, a deep purple, and a deep wine color.  I think it will be gorgeous once it is all plied up.  I am managing to spin it pretty thinly so I think I should get a good amount of yardage from it.  I will be turning this braid in for the final round of Quidditch this term too. I love when something I was going to do anyway, spin for Tour de Fleece, can be used for the House Cup. 
Today I actually did some chores around the house and ran a few errands so I only spun for about an hour.  I am aiming to finish up the braid tomorrow and hopefully ply it up on Tuesday. Keep spinning everyone!

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