Wednesday, May 28, 2014

WIPs Wednesday 5/28

Besides my sock yarn blanket, I have two WIPs on the needles.  I am still working on my Dr. Who scarf.  Another few stripes done. I cannot believe how long it is getting!

I have also been working on my Winter Twilight Mitts. The colorwork is slow going, but I haven't had to rip it out since the last time.  I bought some great magnets from Slipped Stitch Studios which helps me to keep track of which row I am on.  

I keep trying on my mitts every row or so to make sure that they are not too tight. I even had a friend try them on too. They are definitely more snug than other mitts I have made, but if the floats are too loose you end up with ladders.  I am assuming that I could soak and block will help them even out a bit in the end.  

I just kitchenered the toe of my 2nd Van Gogh sock, so I will be sharing them on Friday.  That leaves my Adrift as the only WIP on the needles.  I haven't made much progress since last week, but I did knit on it yesterday morning.  I am so close to the sleeves and am hoping to be starting them by the weekend.

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