Monday, May 12, 2014

Modular Monday 5/12/14

My sock yarn blanket currently has 67 squares.  For the HPKCHC, I proposed my Order of the Phoenix mission and challenged myself to knit an additional 70 squares between May 18th and July 13th.  Awesome, since my blanket will double in size, not so awesome that I can't work on it until next Sunday.  Well...I can but any of the squares knit before then won't count.  I'm not going to show pictures of the 5 squares I knit last week, I'll just share pictures when there is significant change.  ;)

I have been working hard on my OWL and other projects so my blanket has not made much progress. It is funny just how many squares that I made during break month for the HPKCHC and as soon as term starts I slow right down. I have so many fun mini-skeins that I got at Maryland Sheep and Wool and from friends that I really want to get back to it.  It will be fun to see Jess' blanket get bigger really fast though!  Remember to visit our group on Ravelry and share about your own modular projects.  We also have a new thread talking about a possible Tour de Fleece team, so come join the conversation!

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