Friday, May 23, 2014

FO Friday 5/23/14

The deadline for the preemie hats going to our local hospital is creeping up on me. Before Jen delivers them to the hospital I wanted to knit a couple more.  This week I knit 2 preemie hats and gave them to Jen last night.  Whenever I make preemie hats, I use fingering weight yarn and follow this pattern.  Sometimes I knit the i-cord at the top, sometimes I leave it alone and just close the top.  After I knit the pink striped hat I wanted to do something a little different.  For the blue striped hat I slipped every other stitch in the first row of a new color change.  I would have liked to knit more hats, but I can always make more and either send them to a hospital that is in need or deliver them to St Luke's another time.

I also decided to finish up a few more preemie hats for our collection. I just received a box of more hats this morning from a fellow Hufflepuff so we are going to have so many hats to donate!  It is also nice that the hats will be coming from all over the country and I have one person from Sweden who is supposed to send me a few too!  So here are my latest two hats.  Both are done using Plymouth Dreambaby DK and using this pattern.

I also finally finished my socks that Jess finished a few weeks ago :-) 
Chiron Socks - Crabapple Yarns Pizzazz - Teal
It is so fun that Jess and I will have matching socks! We have both knit the same pattern before, and sometimes at the same time, but never as part of a formal KAL together heh. Even though they are not the same yarn or color, I will think of Jess whenever I wear them.  

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