Friday, May 16, 2014

FO Friday 5/16

So this week most of my knitting has been on WIPs so I have no new FOs to share.  I have been using my multi-craftual skills this week though.  I have finished a sewing project and a fused glass project.  Each month for the HPKCHC we have class prompts and sometimes they allow us to do Non-Rav projects.  A Ravelry project is knitting, crocheting, spinning, dyeing or weaving.  I get excited when I can fit fused glass in my classes. I feel so fortunate to have a kiln in my garage so I want to use it whenever I can.  The prompt this month was about bio-luminescent animals.  I was inspired by a jellyfish that makes its own light.  I also took inspiration from my night light kits. So I made this dichroic glass jellyfish nightlight!
 It is all one nightlight shown in different ways so you can see the colors of the dichroic glass and how it looks turned on. It is really hard to take a good photo of a nightlight when it is all lit up!   I really like how it turned out.  
The other project I completed this month is a lined small tote bag.  I followed this tutorial. It took less than 2 fat quarters and it was really easy to make.

This week I have 2 FO's to share!  The first one is the Chiron socks that I was knitting with Jen.  We both opted out of doing the pattern on the foot.  The pattern itself was easy enough, but to continue it on the foot it would have involved moving around stitches since I knit magic loop instead of DPN's.  If I need to think about a pattern too much, I'm over it.  I loved the yarn, I am sad I can't get my hands on more of it.  Everyone cross your fingers that Younger Yarn re-opens her shop at some point, mmk?

Chiron Socks in Younger Yarn Shire String-Bayou Blood
Next, I knit a baby bib to donate to one of the expectant mothers in the Hufflepuff Baby Brigade.  She is having a boy, so I knit it it blue Knit Picks Dishie.  The pattern is Grandmother's Favorite Baby Bib and it was such a fast knit!  I cast on Monday morning and was finished a few hours later.