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Tips Tuesday 5/27/2014 - Anniversary Gifts for Knitters

As my 8th wedding anniversary approaches it has me thinking of gifts that meet the traditions.  Each year I look at the traditional and modern ideas list and try to get something for my husband.  Many years I have made his gift based on the themes. For the 5th wedding anniversary, I stained a wooden frame and put our wedding picture in it. Last year the traditional gift is wool. Can you believe that, wool?! I made sure the hubby knew that and he got me two skeins of Wollmeise!  There are many years in which the gifts match up with our fiber habits so we thought we would make a list to share.  We are not sponsored by any of the ideas, but our just sharing some items that we like as gifts.  

1st Anniversary
Traditional: Paper Modern: Clocks
This would be a good opportunity to give your knitter a pattern book that she has been coveting. Maybe she wants the Rhinebeck Sweater book.  Or one of the humor books written by the Yarn Harlot.  

2nd Anniversary
Traditional: Cotton Modern: China
This works perfectly for knitters.  Give her a nice skein of cotton yarn, or a braid of cotton fiber.  Get a project bag to store projects in made of cotton.  

3rd Anniversary
Traditional: Leather Modern: Crystal or Glass
Leather seems a little trickier, but Namaste cases for needles or notions would fit the bill!  Glass knitting needles, or shawl pins would be a great gift that goes along with the modern theme.  I do have a set of needles from the link that I got at Rhinebeck in 2012.  The best part about the needles is that they have a lifetime warranty on them for any damage whatsoever.  Athena chomped my needle cable in an instant one day. I mailed the needles back to the Ernsts and for a small fee to cover shipping my needles were fixed and returned to me, good as new.  

4th Anniversary
Traditional: Fruit/Flowers Modern: Appliances
This one is trickier, so maybe an electric yarn ball winder?  I have never used one, but I think it would make winding go a lot quicker. 

5th Anniversary
Traditional: Wood Modern: Silverware
For wood you can go with a couple different ideas.  I have a set of beautiful wooden sock blockers that I got from the Loopy Ewe.  Wooden needles are also a good choice, maybe a set with fun clay animals on the end.  If she is a spinner, you could get her a spindle, a wooden niddy noddy to wind her handspun, or more bobbins for her wheel.  

6th Anniversary
Traditional: Candy/Iron Modern: Wood
I always like candy.  You could get candy theme stitch markers like these or these. Iron rusts so it would not be good for stitch markers or needles.  See wood ideas from the 5th anniversary.  

7th Anniversary
Traditional: Wool/Copper Modern: Desksets
I think this is my favorite anniversary, too bad it only comes around once.  My hubby had heard me talk about Wollmeise and assumed I never bought it for myself because of the price, he didn't realize how hard it is to find.  He did find the skeins on ebay after discovering the online shops that carry the yarn did not have any in stock.  Another good place to look is for people destashing on Ravelry.  There are many wool yarns and fibers that would make a great gift.  Malabrigo and Madeline Tosh both come to mind.  There are wonderful indie dyers as well that you can find on etsy.  One of my favorites is The Cyborg's Craft Room.

8th Anniversary
Traditional: Pottery/Bronze Modern: Linens/Lace
For pottery, I would go with a lovely yarn bowl.  Not only are they functional, I think they look quite nice on a table. You can do a play on words and get her some lace weight yarn, or some needles that are made for knitting lace (nice and pointy). 

9th Anniversary
Traditional: Willow/Pottery Modern: Leather
I really have no idea what to do for Willow. I  have no idea what I would give a non-knitter that is made of willow.  Pottery ideas from 8th anniversary and leather ideas from the third.

10th Anniversary
Traditional: Tin/Aluminium Modern: Diamond Jewelry
Tin or aluminum would be good for stitch markers and shawl pins.  Diamonds would also add some sparkle to your knitting :-P  

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