Friday, May 2, 2014

FO Friday 5/2

Today we are headed to the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival in West Friendship, Maryland.  Cephalopod Yarns is having an open house tonight so after we check into our hotel we are heading over there for the festivities.  I am SO excited!!!  I have my shopping list ready, my bags packed and house straightened up.  

The Spring term for the HPKCHC began yesterday.  This term, I requested to be sorted into Hufflepuff so Jen and I could be in the same house.  Before classes began, I was frantically trying to get all of my WIPs off the needles.  I managed to get it all done by Sunday night, so I was able to work on my blanket squares for most of the week.  
Transient Socks (pattern by knitlovesteph)
Snowball Buddies (pattern by Susan Claudino)

Ballband Dishcloths
This morning, I submitted my OWL proposal and it was approved this morning, so I cast on my Adrift Cardigan.  I plan on taking it with me this weekend since the endless stockinette stitch will be perfect car knitting.

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend, I know I will! ;)

So excited about Maryland Sheep and Wool! This weekend is sure to be fabulous. I promise we will take lots of pictures to share with everyone!  I only have one FO to share and it is my Sunflowers socks! I promise they are the same size, I have no idea why the pooling changed at the toe of the second sock. So with that I have my first Christmas present knit for the year!

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