Wednesday, April 2, 2014

WIPs Wednesday

Jen is still on vacation but will be back on Friday.  This week, I've been focusing on finishing up my SpinningFates socks.  I went on a bus trip to Lancaster, Pennsylvania yesterday and managed to knit half of the sock.  I would love to have it done for FO Friday.  

SpinningFates Megara in Peonies
I haven't had much spinning time this week, but my Knitting Knorth Polwarth is looking so pretty!  Once I get my socks finished I can devote more time to spinning.  My goal is to have all of my deadline crafting done and WIPs off of the needles before the Spring term of the HPKCHC (Harry Potter Knit & Crochet House Cup for any muggle readers) begins.  

Knitting Knorth Polwarth
What's on your needles?


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  1. I've used that base before and love it! I chose it because my son used to call America "Megara" when he was small and that's not a word you hear often! Your socks are so fun and colorful. :) I'm chugging along on my oldest's birthday sweater. Trying to figure out the border along with working on Follow Your Arrow, Lindisfarne, Albatross, Breakwater socks...