Sunday, April 6, 2014

Stash Enhancement Sunday 4/6

Remember when I said I was going to try to behave until Maryland Sheep & Wool?  Yeah...about that.  Monday, I decided I wanted to knit a laceweight sweater. (since I totally won't go crazy knitting a plain, stockinette sweater out of laceweight, right?!)  I placed my first Eat Sleep Knit order and bought 5 skeins of Malabrigo Lace to make Adrift.  I plan on doing the 3/4 length sleeves version and might add an inch or two to the body. Since I want this to be my OWL assignment in the Harry Potter Knit & Crochet House Cup I can't cast on until May 1st.  I'm pretty sure I'm going to consume lots of adult beverages in order to salvage any amount of sanity I have left while knitting this...

Malabrigo Lace-Indigo
The next stash addition came from Jen.  She just got back from New Orleans and brought me some wonderful gifts! For local treats,  she brought me back a box of pralines, which I have never had before.  They are FANTASTIC!  She also brought me back some Hurricane mix (most likely to be made while making my Adrift cardigan)  Along with the yummy treats, she also gave me this sweet little cross stitch kit that is Cafe du Monde themed with coffee & beignets and a gorgeous skein of Malabrigo Rios in a colorway that reminded her of New Orleans.

Pralines & Hurricanes.  Check out the bag from the quarter stitch, with teeny paper hearts in the bag!

Malabrigo Rios in Arco Iris and Cafe du Monde cross stitch kit
Thank you so much, Jen! <3

The final addition came from The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery.  They recently released a Tea Time cross stitch pattern that I fell in love with.  (I fall in love with all of their patterns) I was going to wait to buy it since I never finished my Gingerbread Lane or Halloween Sampler, but watching Jen stitch yesterday enabled me to just go for it.  I bought the pattern and we went to Michael's so I could get the DMC floss.  I already started it last night and hope to have a good amount of it done to share on Wednesday.  

So I have a few things to add to my stash.  Only one skein of yarn so not too bad since Maryland Sheep and Wool is less than a month away. This skein of yarn is totally worth it too, it is a skein of The Cyborg's Craft Room Assockilate - Lagoon. It is self-striping, and looks just like summer to me.  This yarn will make a bright, happy skein of socks.

The Cyborg's Craft Room - Assockilate - Lagoon
Jess had a present for me too when I came home from New Orleans. This adorable needle minder which I have already used on my April square for the Once Upon a Time sampler.  
Oh, Needle Mind
Jess knows how much I love matryoshkas so she picked this one out special for me.  I love it. It is so light and small, but the magnet is so strong that it works perfectly. I love seeing it on my project while I work.  Since I started using needle minders I have not lost a needle while I work either.  
While in New Orleans I visited a knitting shop called The Quarter Stitch. It is a cute shop in the French quarter.  They have so many lovely yarns from such great brands as Malabrigo, Colinette, and Koigu.  I loved that the shop had cross stitch patterns as well. The shop started as a stitching shop and added knitting supplies later.  I love that two of my hobbies can coexist happily together in this wonderful shop. When you buy something, they wrap it up for you like a present, no matter what it is.  I bought items for Jess, so they wrapped hers up separate so I could gift it to her just like that.
I did not purchase any yarn for myself, but instead bought a New Orleans theme sampler. I thought that would make a great souvenir from our trip.  

This pattern features all the great things from New Orleans, the St. Louis Cathedral at Jackson square in the French Quarter, the mule drawn buggies, Cafe du Monde, and the food! I love buying local items when we travel and this pattern was designed in Louisiana. Just a few small stash enhancements for me this week.

Just a reminder that you can enhance your stash by winning our giveaway!  We have a great skein of Dancing Dog Dyeworks Tweedy DK in the Kiwi colorway to give to a loyal reader.  

All you have to do is become a subscriber to the blog and leave a comment on the giveaway post. We will randomly select a name on April 16! Thanks for reading!


  1. I love reading up on what has been going on in your crafty lives. I knit an adrift. It can be tedious but I loved the outcome! Totally worth it!