Wednesday, April 23, 2014

WIP Wednesday 4/23

Can you believe that Maryland Sheep & Wool is in a little over a week?!  I am so excited to get away for the weekend, spend quality time with my bestie, meet some internet friends and just relax, shop and admire all of the handknits.  If you see us at MDSW, please stop and say hello!  

This week, I have been focusing on knitting the socks I am test knitting for knitlovesteph.  Last week I posted a picture of the yarn I wound that I planned on using.  Sadly, the yarn just wasn't made for this pattern.  There are too many colors and the texture got lost.  I tried a darker, rusty yarn that I had in my stash, but that also wasn't right for the pattern.  I finally decided on using a skein of yarn that a friend of mine custom dyed for me.  My favorite drink is a margarita on the rocks, so she dyed me margarita colored sock yarn a few years ago.  This yarn is PERFECT for this pattern.  You can see the pattern easily, the stitches pop and it's super pretty.  The pattern itself is potato chip knitting.  It's crazy easy to memorize, which makes it perfect for tv knitting.  (I just got sucked into Game of Thrones and am frantically trying to catch up before I see any major spoilers)  

Transient Socks by knitlovesteph-knit in custom dyed yarn by trikel
Last week, I finished my Tea Time cross stitch and felt motivated to pick up my Halloween Sampler.  I still have a long way to go until it's finished but I am determined to get it done so I can display it this year for Halloween.  
The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery Halloween Sampler
That's all I have this week.  I made a list of things I need to knit this year, so there will be a lot more to post in the next few months ;)

I have been working on my socks from last week and have finished one whole sock!
Knitmore Girls Vanilla Sock, Opal Van Gogh - Sunflowers
I should be farther, but I have been working on more preemie hats for our charity drive.  I also picked up a WIP that I started in May of 2013.  I am happy to say that I finished it as well.  So I should have lots to share Friday.  

I am also looking forward to Maryland Sheep and Wool! I have been busy planning my shopping out and looking forward to the yummy curly potato things!  They have nacho cheese and sour cream and are so good!  I am also looking forward to being surrounded by people who love all things fiber!  Please say hi if you see us!

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