Sunday, March 30, 2014

Stash Enhancement Sunday

Jen went to New Orleans for the week so I'll be soloing this one.  This past week, I did manage to resist temptation, with the exception of buying a skein of The Cyborg's Craft Room Bested base as a gift for a friend.  However, the 2 previous orders I was waiting for arrived on Thursday.  

The first came from Knitterly Things.  When Jen and I met the Yarn Harlot the other week, K8erpillar was knitting these gorgeous self-striping socks.  I asked her what yarn she was using and it was Knitterly Things Vesper.  When I got home that night I went on the website and fell in love with the Rainbow Love sock yarn.  

Knitterly Things Vesper-Rainbow Love
The second delivery came from Three Irish Girls.  A few years ago, they released a colorway called "You Are my Sunshine".  20% of the proceeds were going to SHARE to help people who suffered from Pregnancy Loss, stillbirths or lost their babies after a few months.  I was saving my skein for the right project.  Last summer, I had a friend who was going through some hard times.  I wanted to knit her a shawl to help comfort her.  I figured this yarn would have been perfect for it.  I went to wind it and my swift collapsed...after trying to untangle it I only made it into a mess of epic proportions.  I ended up putting it in a bag in my closet and was thinking I was going to need to trash the skein.  Jen, being the wonderful person that she is, offered to untangle it for me.  After MANY, MANY hours, she was able to salvage it, but I had her turn it into mini skeins for our sock yarn blankets.  In February, Jen sent me a text to let me know that Three Irish Girls re-released You Are my Sunshine to raise money for SHARE again.  I immediately went to the website and ordered a replacement skein.

Three Irish Girls Adorn Sock-You Are my Sunshine
 That's all I have for right now.  I did manage to finish knitting my Hitchhiker and will be showing that off on Friday.  Stay tuned for a giveaway coming soon!  


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