Tuesday, March 18, 2014

We meet the Yarn Harlot (again)

Since this is a joint blog, Jen's posts are in purple and Jess's are in blue.  
  Saturday was a big day for the Fiber Fangirls!  We got up early, enjoyed a yummy diner breakfast (I really appreciate all the diners we have in Pennsylvania, so different from California), and headed to Exton.  The Yarn Harlot was touring to promote her latest book "The Amazing Thing About the Way it Goes," with her last stop on the tour outside of Philadelphia.  We knew that we had to go and see her.  The first time we met the Yarn Harlot was at Rhinebeck 2013.  A girl in line at the apple cider donut stand (OMG I really want an apple cider donut right now, might be one of my favorite things about Rhinebeck), showed us a picture of who she just met.  None other than Stephanie Pearl-McPhee!  We took note that she was wearing a beautiful green handknit sweater and left with our yummy treats.  As we were walking by the Verdant Gryphon yarn booth Jess leaned over and said, "You love me so much." I thought of course I do, and then I realized she was pointing to the Yarn Harlot headed our way.  So there was gushing, and fangirling, and maybe a few tears.  We each got a picture with her, and I may have rambled that she was an inspiration, and had had such a positive effect on my life.  I am sure she could not understand a word I was saying.  I was so star struck!

Rhinebeck 2013

So when I saw that we could get the chance to meet her again and have my book signed I jumped at the chance.  We arrived at Barnes and Noble at 11:15, she wasn't scheduled to speak until 3, but we wanted to get good seats.  They were going to give out wrist bands at 1.  I think Barnes and Noble had no idea who they had scheduled to appear.  I think they thought a handful of people were going to show up. They knew something was up when they received calls all week from avid fans asking about lines, wrist bands, etc.  They took a peek the Yarn Harlot's blog and saw the size of the crowds she had been drawing and knew they needed to up their game.  
Jen's sock in progress - Socks on a Plane using Three Irish Girls Adorn sock yarn - "Bread and Butterflies

We were 4th and 5th to get our wrist bands (3 lovely ladies from New Jersey had gotten there at 11), and managed to get front row seats!
This doesn't even show half of the people there by the time it started!
By the way, loved that wherever I looked, people were knitting!  So many talented knitters all in one place was so awe inspiring.  
I had a total fangirl moment when we discovered that one of the girls we were talking to was K8erpillar.  I have been a fan of her stitch markers for a long time and I was thrilled to meet her!  

Stephanie was hilarious, we got to meet her again, and this time there were no tears.  We gave her a goodie bag with treats from Pennsylvania, and got our books signed.  We even made it on the blog! Overall, I left feeling wonderful and changed.  I have just started reading the book, but love it already. It may not have many knitting references, but it is still filled with the wit and humor of the Yarn Harlot.
~ Jen
The goodie bag:  Fegely's Brew Works Space Monkey, Weyerbacher Pumpkin Ale, TastyKake Kandy Kakes, Peeps

Jen summed the afternoon up perfectly.  I laughed so hard and got to meet so many nice knitters!  If Stephanie ever tours in the area again, I won't hesitate to go see her.  

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