Thursday, March 13, 2014

Welcome, have a seat and join us...

After almost a year of going back and forth between starting a podcast or sharing a blog, we finally took the plunge and here we are!

I'm Jess, co-host of the blog, and have been knitting for almost 10 years.  I learned how to spin on a drop spindle last spring but recently started to get really into it.  I dabble in cross-stitch but I usually swap out those tiny needles for my knitting needles instead. 

My yarn of choice?  Fingering weight.  I love knitting socks and shawls and more recently, blanket squares using leftovers. 

Favorite colors?  It varies.  With Spring right around the corner I am really into bright, cheery colors.  As Autumn approaches I lean towards the browns, oranges, reds. 

Most recent FO?  A friend of mine, who is the mastermind behind The Cyborg's Craft Room, asked me to knit a store sample using her Bested base.  I knit Arroyo using the Peacock Nebula colorway.  I know how to read lace charts, but usually prefer following the written instructions.  Somewhere in the middle of the chart I had an extra stitch.  I must have ripped that row out at least 8 times before I finally figured out where the extra stitch was.  After all of that frogging, you would never have guessed after looking at the yarn that I had even the slightest hiccup.  No splitting, not a strand out of place. 

If anyone is reading, what is your favorite weight of yarn?  What are your favorite projects?


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