Wednesday, June 25, 2014

WIPs Wednesday 6/25

I am back this week with my WIPs too!  I am still working on my Dr. Who scarf. I have about a month to go to finish it in time for my OWL and I hope I can do it.  I am on stripe 30/53.  I didn't take a photo since it it doesn't look all that different from the last time that I posted. I worked on it yesterday in the car on the way up to Glen Onoko falls.  The hubby and I had lunch outside and it was so nice out he said we should go for a walk.  We hopped in the car and headed to Jim Thorpe. We have been up in that area before, but not to the waterfalls.  We have been living here for 4 years and haven't seen many things in the area. We are hoping to spend as much time as possible outside while we can since it is so much harder to do in the winter.
Glen Onoko falls, Jim Thorpe, PA
I am wearing an FO in that pic that I will be sharing on Friday!! I have also been working on my Simple Skyp socks. I have one finished and am halfway through the leg of the second one. The goal is to finish these by the end of the month so I can submit them for Flying class.  
Sock #2, Simple Skyp Socks - The Cyborg's Craft Room - "Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock"
Lastly I have been working on my Wintry Mitts. I finished the first mitt and continued on in the Crystal Palace Mini Mochi skein. So whereas the first mitt starts at green at the bottom, this one is a purple.  I know that looks more magenta than purple, but the color is very different in real life.  Hopefully my swap partner is not too OCD about her mitts being identical.  
Wintry Mitt #2
I made a list of all of the deadline knitting I have to do and I almost cried.  When I first commited to doing everything I figured, I have all year, why not?!  Now that the year is half over and I am just starting some of these things the panic is setting in.  There's no way I can do everything, so my Adrift cardigan is going on hiatus until I can finish up some deadlines.  I would have loved to finish it by the OWL deadline, but there's no way it can happen.  

I am happy to say that I finished two bigger projects this past week that I will be sharing on Friday.  Now I am just working on my deadline knitting.  I plan on knocking a huge portion of it out in July so I wanted to see how many of the smaller projects I can finish before then.

I cast on this adorable pumpkin  hat using Knit Picks Brava.  When Brava first came out I loved it!  Now that they changed manufacturers I'm not a huge fan.  I think it will still be durable, it's still easy to care for.  It just doesn't feel nearly as nice as it did before and squeaks when I knit it up.

Pumpkin Hat pattern by Eileen Casey.  Yarn:  Knit Picks Brava Worsted in Orange.  
The other project on the needles this week is for my swap partner.  I'm knitting her the Cruiser Mittens.  The pattern calls for worsted weight but I am double stranding sport weight instead.  
Cruiser Mittens pattern by Cailyn Meyer.  Yarn: Cascade 220 Sport in Charcoal Grey
Tonight is your last chance to enter our spindle and Gourmet Stash puni giveaway in the Ravelry thread!  The winner will be announced in the group tomorrow morning so if you haven't already, get those last minute entries in!

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