Sunday, June 22, 2014

Spunday 6/22

So first let me say I have been a bad blogger. Wednesday was super busy for me. We are in the process of buying a new house and putting our current house on the market. It was also graduation week for the residency program so we had happy hours, parties and graduation itself.  I have definitely have WIPs on the needles but not a ton of progress on anything since I have not been knitting much. I try to make sure that I have time to knit or spin at least a little every day, just for stress relief if nothing else.  So I have some spinning that I have finished up to share.  In February I spun up a braid of Malabrigo Nube.  Now normally I am not a big fan of merino.  I like spinning it up, but I would rather spin BFL or Polwarth.  I loved spinning up the Nube.  It was soft and lovely.  I love that after you spin and ply it, it blooms in the soak.  With that 4 oz braid I achieved about 250 yards.  That was one of my projects from the Winter Ravellenic Games.  
Malabrigo Nube - Aguas

So I bought a braid of Malabrigo Nube in the colorway Indiecita to spin up next.  I loved the purples and greens in the braid.  
I am still new to color control in my spins.  I am hoping to try an N-ply in the next few months which should keep my colors together when I ply rather than diluting them.
Malabrigo Nube - Indiecita
The most exciting part of this handspun is I got 348 yards of a 2 ply yarn in about a sport weight! That is almost 100 yards more than the first time that I spun up the Malabrigo Nube! It is the most yardage that I have ever gotten from a single braid! Now I just need to pair it up with a pattern.


  1. That looks beautiful!! Now I want to get one and spin it up for TdF, but I can't, got so much fiber that needs to be spun first. If you are still looking for an idea, make another Meadowbrook!

    1. Yeah the Malabrigo is a dream to spin up. We have a braid of it as a prize in our TdF team :-)