Wednesday, September 10, 2014

WIP Wednesday 9/10/2014

Hi everyone, is it beginning to feel like Fall where you are? It sure is here, but based on the past I am sure that it will not last heh.  I have a few projects that I have started and finished since last Friday.  Just a few small things, but I am excited to share them on Friday.  Today I only have one WIP that I am currently working on. I had a pair of socks on the needles too, but I accidentally pulled one of the needles out and lost some stitches. Since I was still on the cuff I ripped them out completely.  I am still working on my Jane Eyre shawl. It doesn't look much bigger than last week, but it really is. 
The gnome and the lucky pig are trying to help show the shawl.
I am 12 rows into the lace pattern and I think it is going well so far. I have never done a shawl that had lace on both the knit and purl rows so I think that is why it is going  a little slower for me.  It will be much rougher when the lace expands and takes up the whole bottom of the shawl, but it will be gorgeous. 
Center Lace panel Jane Eyre shawl


  1. I love some of the patterns in that book. The shawl detail looks beautiful!

  2. Thanks! The book is full of wonderful patterns, I think I like this shawl the best though - Jen