Saturday, September 13, 2014

FO Friday 9/12/14

Boy have I been busy!  I felt a push to get a few items off my to knit list, and I was successful.  I also ended up making a small unexpected project for Quidditch that the kitties like.  Let me start by sharing my Halloween Spooky sampler from last year! I stitched this up during the actual stitch along and managed to keep up. I then said I was going to frame it, or make a pillow out of it, and did neither.  It has just sat since last year.  When I saw that Jess had her Halloween sampler was all framed, I knew I needed to get mine done.  We finally have some room to decorate at the new house too, so I think it will look great. I actually want to have a small table by the entry where I can have seasonal decor.  I haven't found a table I like so for now the sampler will sit on the stone in front of the fireplace.
Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery - Halloween Spooky Sampler
I LOVE Peeps, so this little witch Peep had to come home with me from Cracker Barrel a few weeks ago .
For Quidditch, we needed to make an item to butter up Dolores Umbridge.  I picked this little item from her "favorites" and added a bit of catnip for Phoebe and Athena. It was a super fast knit, and I may make a whole jar full of them in the future heh
Gruesome Knitted Eyeball by Mary Jane Mucklestone
For the year long swap I needed to make toys for my partner. I made a minion already and for the second toy I decided to make a dinosaur. I used scrap sock yarn for this little guy. He is actually a pretty fast knit too. I was worried that his spines would be a pain to add, but it was actually really easy to sew them on as it is all one big strip.  
Grumpasaurus by Kat Lewinski
The hardest part was actually getting a grump enough face. The first time I embroidered it on, I tilted the eyes the other way and he looked so happy. I had to look at the pattern again to realize my mistake.
I am one grumpy dinosaur!
My last FO of the week is a pair of baby booties. A Rav friend of mine and I were chatting in the beginning of the year about babies and said that we would knit for each other when we each got pregnant. She is expecting a baby girl in October so I whipped up some Monster Booties for her.
Monster Booties by Rebecca Danger
She and I met in a Monster making group on Ravelry, so I know she will just love them!  I knit these in a size 6-9 months which should work out perfectly as the baby will be born in Australia and they are just starting to have their Spring. By the time she can fit these booties it should be starting to get cool there.  I knit them up in Cascade 220 superwash so they can be thrown in the washer and dryer as needed.  

My vacation ended and I am back to work.  I managed to finish 2 FO's this week though :)  The first is the Pedestrian Crossing Cowl that I knit for a friend.  I am excited to give it to her and hope that she loves it.  It's knit in Malabrigo Worsted in the Plena colorway.

Pedestrian Crossing Cowl-pattern by Melissa Sibley
Next, I finished my This Isn't a Man socks.  I just did basic, toe-up socks with a fish lips kiss heel.  The weather today is supposed to be chilly and rainy so I might be wearing them today.

The Cyborg's Craft Room This Isn't a Man self striping

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