Friday, September 26, 2014

FO Friday 9/26/14

Where has September gone?  I swear I was just on vacation and now the month is over??  October is going to be even more insane.  Haunted hayrides, Rhinebeck, Renaissance Faire and Halloween!  My calendar is full and I am looking forward to every single thing on it!

What have I been up to lately?  I went to the Renaissance Faire with family last weekend (and am going back next week with some friends.  

I started a pair of 3x1 ribbed socks for my mom.  I'm using Into the Whirled Pakokku Sock in A Musing Anecdote.  I am knitting them top down, using the fish lips kiss heel.  I finished the first sock and just finished the heel of the second sock today.

I have also been spinning a lot lately.  I still have my friend's wheel, so I have been trying to use it as much as I can before she wants it back.  

I spun up this Corriedale by Into the Whirled that I picked up at MDSW this year.  The colorway is Blink.  I spun it 2-ply, worsted weight.  Even though I was able to get it more consistent than the last skein, I got less yardage :(  This is 178 yards.  It's still enough for a hat or a cowl, but I was hoping for a bit more yardage.

Right now I have some secret spinning going on that I can post about after next week.  ;)

The only other FO I have to share is a pair of French Press Slippers.  I knit these for my swap partner.  This was the first time I felted anything that I needed to control.  My seaming was a little funky so they look a little off, but they should fit and I hope my partner likes them.  

September was a pretty busy month for me too! We just had our first house guest, which was actually pretty exciting. It was so nice to have a guest room and bathroom available for him.  I think he liked staying here too.  The kitties did not like that the door was shut at night though, and greeted our guest each morning by being right outside the door when he opened it.  I love October for so many reasons, but the main one is RHINEBECK! I am so glad that Jess will be going too.

I have two FOs to share this week.  I also made a pair of French Press Slippers. This was also my first time felting something that had to fit.  I think mine turned out okay, and I hope that my swap partner loves them.  The best part about these slippers though was felting them with Jess. There were a few Lucy and Ethel moments, and we laughed a lot.  Bill the cricket was on hand to give his opinion too. (Bill has decided to live in Jessica's basement, at least I think he does because he was LOUD). Did I mention that I am scared of crickets?! It was true comedy that night.
French Press Felted Slippers - Cascade 220 - Pacific
I also did the first spinning I have done in the new house. My couch is actually a great height for spinning and I didn't have the back problems that I sometimes get from it.  I spun up some punis that I got from NaturallyKnitty on etsy.  The punis are merino, cormo, bamboo, and firestar.  I ended up with 228 yards, which isn't bad for 2.1 ounces of fiber. I haven't done the wraps per inch yet, but it looks like maybe a sport weight yarn. The colorway is Summer Sunset, which I think is just perfect for the yarn.

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