Monday, October 20, 2014

Rhinebeck 2014 Roundup

This weekend was an event that we look forward to every year. An event that people will travel thousands of miles to go to, the Dutchess County Fiber Festival, better known as Rhinebeck!  A good friend of ours moved to New York a few months ago, so Jess and I headed up on Friday and stayed the night with her.  She lives outside of Albany, so we went there for dinner to a place called the Recovery Room that is on the hospital campus.  

The next morning we headed out bright and early to Rhinebeck!!! Jess took some great pictures of the trip there.

We made it in pretty quickly and I sprinted to the Miss Bab's booth. Thanks to our friend Yana getting in line for me, and a woman giving me a skein out of her hand I got one of the Rhinebeck 2014 exclusive colorway skeins! We then headed to Into the Whirled, where I got some Falkland Fiber to try out.  So in less than 30 minutes I had gotten all the yarn and fiber that were on my list. The rest of my haul included a Sheep Incognito print! I have been wanting one of these and now that I have a craft room I decided to get one.
While Jen and Yana made a mad dash to Miss Bab's, I ran to the bathroom.  When I made it to the booth, Jen had already grabbed the Polydactyl Set for me that she knew I wanted.  I purchased the Coffee Break set so I could make a tubularity.  

Jen's Sheep Incognito print

I participated in a recent Kickstarter for Going Gnome and received a cute hedgehog kit.  So I was eager to stop by their booth and see all the new packaging.  I came home with a little mushroom home kit, it is an advanced kit so I plan to do the hedgehogs first and see how that goes hehe

One of the most fun parts of Rhinebeck is meeting knitters from around the world.  I was super excited to run into the ladies from the Must Stash Podcast!

Stacie and me!
Steph and me!

I even managed to get a skein of the awesome Must Stash yarn. It is self-striping, Martian Rainbow #12. I cannot wait to knit it up!
When I ran into Stacie from Must Stash, I asked her if she had a booth so I could try her yarn.  She didn't have a booth, but she had a few skeins on her to sell.  I purchased a skein of the coveted Dark Side of the Moon and am really looking forward to knitting a pair of socks with it soon.

Jess and Stacie

Jess and Steph

Must Stash-Dark Side of the Moon
I ran into so many Ravelry and Instagram friends.  We got to hang out with sarahbee for awhile.  It's always nice to see her each year.  We have been Ravelry friends for a few years, after being paired up together in a swap.  I also got to meet Vintage Rose, which was exciting for me since we are now pen pals!  We got to meet the Stockinette Zombies after Miss Babs.  Sadly, no pictures of them since the building was super crowded.  I also met Karen from Knit 1 Geek 2.  Finally, I got to meet Diane, from Knitabulls podcast.  I have been trying to meet her for the past 3 years and was on the lookout for her.  It was so nice meeting her in person.  She is one of the sweetest people and I adore her.

Me and Vintage Rose

Me and Knitabulls

Me and Karen from Knit 1 Geek 2

We ran into other fabulous knitting friends, but I do not have the pictures on my phone.  It almost feels like a reunion every year.  I am also proud of myself that I remembered to get a pic with Jess! We go to these events together and have very few pictures together.

It was perfect sweater weather and even though there were a couple of raindrops, the day was perfect.  I am currently in a Rhinebeck hangover and am having fun looking at everyone's photos from the weekend.

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